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Soul Blueprint Readings
and Authenticity Mentoring

Face your Shadows,
Activate your Inner Awareness,
Achieve Self-Mastery,

and Find your Soul Mission!

Your "Soul Blueprint" is the "map", "blueprint", or "design", of who you are meant to be, and the work you are meant to do in the world. It is a transmission of your Soul Essence through the language of Human Design and The Gene Keys (which is derived from your birth info). 

Individual + Relationship compatibility readings  offered

What is a "Soul Blueprint Reading"?

We will use Human Design (which consists of 3 sciences (including astrology), and 3 philosophies); The Gene Keys (an adjunct, or continuation of Human Design), as well as intuitive channeling + body/energy readings to derive and translate the map of who you are.  This map was determined at the moment of your birth, and your birth time, location, and place will be used to access this map. 


Reading of your soul blueprint includes, but is not limited to:

~ Your manifesting "Type", and your best strategy for creating the life you want (Human Design)

~ How to make efficent decisions, and move through life with greater ease and confidence (Human Design)

~ How your energy moves, what it means, and how to work with to effectively (Human Design)

~ Your "profile", or your "WHY" of being here (Human Design)

~ How you relate to, and your compatibility with others (children, partners; parents; colleagues; etc...) (Human Design Synastry)

 ~ Your shadows, gifts, and the highest expression of your personality traits (Gene Keys)

~ How to transform your shadows into gifts (Gene Keys)

~ Your purpose, life work, and vocation in your own life and in the world (Gene Keys)

Planet and Moon

How do you know if a Soul Blueprint Reading is for you?

~ Do you see yourself clearly?  Do you know who you are, and what you came to do? 

~ Do you struggle with low self worth, insecurity, feeling lost, or feelings of hopelessness and despair?

~ Can you be radically honest with yourself and others about who you are and how you feel without shame?

~ Can you take personal responsibility for yourself without blaming others?

~ Do you feel comfortable in your own skin, grateful to be who you are?

~ Are you curious about the compatibility of your relationships; where your hang-ups are with certain people; and  why some relationships are are more difficult than others?

~ Do you have relationship issues that you don't understand, and need tools and guidance on how to navigate difficult situations?

If any of the above speaks to you, then you are ready to meet yourSelf. 

How you will feel after a reading:

~ Confident that you know yourself, with greater self esteem, self love, and permission to be who you really are.

~ You will no longer be afraid of your shadows, but have begun the process of loving, embracing, and integrating them.

~ Less afraid of what others think of you, and less judgement toward others, with greater understanding of our human uniqueness.

~ More empowered and embodied, with deeper clarity on who you are and how to move through life.

~ Clear understanding of what conflicts can arise in your relationships and how to deal with them.

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Aeray Lumm ~

Human Design + Gene Keys Teacher and Analyst; Intuitive Soul Channel;

Body and Energy Reader;

Shadow Work and Self-Love Mentor;


Soul Blueprint Readings as well as 1 on 1 (1-3 month) Shadow-work and Self Love Mentorship offerings available.  Please see rates, and Mentorship pages for more information.

Sessions will be in person or online (with a shared screen), and recorded and sent to you.

To dive deeper into your Soul Blueprint, follow these links for more information

Information about Self Love Mentorships
Information about Human Design
Information about The Gene Keys

Aeray is a certified Spiritual, Relationship and Life Coach; has a double degree and background in Psychology/Native American Plant Medicines; she has studied Human Design with the Jovian Archive; and has been teaching and giving Soul Blueprint readings for 10 years.  Aeray has the natural gift of being able to intuitively "read" people, and channel messages to help give clarity about WHY things are happening as they are, and how to navigate difficult situations. She works to help people move toward radical self honesty; personal responsibility; self love, and compassion for all. (Please see the "about" page for more info). 


 Working with Aeray, you will feel safe to explore who you are, and the experiences of your life.  Aeray creates a shame-free environment where there is no judgement, nor anything that can be done, said, felt, or thought, that is "wrong" in her presence.  There is complete freedom to have any experience that may arise.  Her compassion is a reminder that it is always "OK" to be yourself.

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Aeray believes in the new paradigm, in which we no longer live in a world based on greed, competition, and lack.  She is working on a project (for free) to create a gift economy and resource bank.  She believes that TRUST is the most important currency there is, and that it is the currency in which we are most poor. She works to build trust by not marketing herself; cold-calling/DM'ing; pushing, persuading, or asking for resources.  She allows resources to come naturally, by those who show up for mentoring or chart readings as they feel called, not by seeking them out.


She also has a strong belief that "True Abundance concicousness", is that when we show up in service to those in need, with an open willing heart, that the Universe will take care of us.  That there is more than enough for everyone when we share and take care of each other and the planet.




In order to support her vision, and be the change she wishes to see in the world, Aeray has gifted quite a bit of her work to those in need, free of charge. 

If you have been helped by Aeray at any point, want to support her work, and feel called to share your gratitude in the form of a gift, please feel free to donate, or to reach out to Aeray with your gift of Gratitude here.

These gifts will go to "pay it forward", so she can continue working with those who are in deficit and need her services.

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