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The Gene Keys were first created through Richard Rudd, who was a student of Human Design.   


In Human Design, there are 64 gates which lay the practical framework for discovering "who an individual is".  In the Gene Keys there are similarly 64 "hexagrams" (related to the I-ching) which describe to us the different archetypes of human nature.  The premise of the Gene Keys, is that nothing is "static" and that each of the 64 hexagrams has a number of potential ways of showing up in an individual's life, depending on what frequency that person is operating from.  


Each gate is broken down into a "Shadow, a Gift, and a Siddhi".  These are the frequencies in which each hexagram can manifest.  There are many layers within each of these layers, and as human beings we are generally moving in and out of different frequencies all of the time. Depending on our attitude and perspective, at any given time, each gate has the capacity to show up in any of the 3 frequency bands, and at varying degrees within each band. 



It is important to understand what is really meant by the term "shadow", as it is quite mis-understood.  Shadows are not our flaws; issues; problems; negative characteristics; or our "darkness".  They are instead, our unresolved traumas and conditioning; our "hurt" inner child; and the characteristics we reject or are in denial of, and therefore repress.  Shadows are only "shadows" because we/others cannot see them, but once we bring these shadows into the light, and begin to take ownership of them, they become our gifts.


Shadows have quite the bad rap due to our cultural conditioning. They have the capacity to lead to our "flaws/issues/problems/negativity/darkness", but you will learn as we work together, that this depends entirely on your perspective.  A shadow can be a great gift, as well a path to "Enlightenment", when embraced and seen for what it truly is... A part of our humanity; our hurt inner child; and an opportunity to learn and grow. 

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Shadows are an inherent part of human nature that exist in everyone, and each of us experiences all 64 shadows. It is not possible to "fix" or eradicate our shadows, and at some point you will no longer want to.  It is the work of the Gene Keys, and the central point of the work I do with clients, to learn to embrace our shadows, and to realize they are an acceptable part of human nature and who we are.  They are the raw material for transformation that can guide us to higher states of awareness and experience. 


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According to the Gene Keys, we tend to either "react" or "repress" our shadows (rather than allowing and accepting them).  Individuals may tend toward one of the two styles predominantly; some will shift between the two from situation to situation; and others will repress some shadows and react to others. We each choose to handle our shadows in different ways.  


Imagine that you are standing on a peaked roof that slopes down on either side, and in the middle (on the apex) is "allowing the shadow".  On one side you have "Repression", in which you are hiding from; avoiding; or in denial of the shadow.  On the other side, you have "Reacting", in which you see the shadow and take action of some kind to "do" something with it (generally to "fix").  Reacting generally comes with a more extroverted nature and is often backed by anger, where repression is usually backed by fear.  


In sessions, we will learn to become aware of the shadow; as well as how we react and repress the shadow.  We will focus on how to ALLOW the shadow itself, as well as allowing our reactions and repressions.  The goal is not to stop our shadows, or our reactions/repressions, but to witness them with awareness, acceptance, and eventually love.  When we reach the stage of embracing our shadows as they are... we release the Gift and Siddhi, and transformation begins!



Once we begin to allow our shadows to exist and manifest, we begin to understand that they are "OK".  This "acceptance" of our shadows and the feelings around them, causes them to lose their power over us and their ability to control our lives.  When this happens, as if by miracle, we realize that our shadows were never really shadows in the first place.  They are our gifts.  For example, the shadow of the 31st Gene Key is "Arrogance".  By allowing arrogance to "be there", and eventually accepting it (with equanimity) as a part of human nature, we will begin to see that "arrogance" is actually a gift of leadership.  It is only by allowing, and accepting that arrogance, that we will be able to truly access the gift of leadership. Ironically... as we allow arrogance to be there, with love, the "charge" is released and the trigger energy dissolves, leaving us with the expression of the gift.


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When our gifts have been released through the power of acceptance, we are now entering into a state of deeper trust and understanding of the process of transforming our shadows. We begin to feel a growing excitement, appreciation, and freedom in the experience of our shadows.  As these feelings grow we begin to "embrace" our shadows.  This is when Love steps in and we feel genuinely grateful for our shadows, which we no longer view as "shadows".  We have learned that there is a diamond inside of the raw material of our shadows, and we eagerly allow and accept them, enthusiastically awaiting the release of the "Siddhi" or "essence".  This is when the highest purpose of a particular trait reaches its fruition.  At this frequency, love fountains out of the individual in a multitude of potential energies, from peace to ecstasy, and there is no longer any resistance to "what is". Everything is embraced as simply being a part of the human experience, and as an expression Love.  


This chart is an example of a "Hologenetic Profile":   The "Gene Keys" map of who we are, which includes our shadows, gifts, and siddhis.  It is not in contrast to the Human Design chart, but rather in addition to it. They compliment one another for a more comprehensive understanding of the individual's nature.  

The chart is broken into three "sequences", which are all connected.  


The green sequence is called the "Activation Sequence", and addresses the "prime gifts" and the nature of who you are.  


The red sequence is called "The Venus Sequence" and addresses the emotional experience as well as the gifts and shadows that commonly come into play in relationships (especially, but not exclusively romantic relationships).


Finally we have the gold sequence, called the "Pearl Sequence", which addresses your path to abundance and wealth through your vocation and community. 

Gene Keys hologenetic profile

In Soul Blueprint readings, we will use a Synthesis of Human Design and The Gene Keys in a way that is unique to each of these systems, for a more in depth reading of who you are.  

Gene Keys

The Gene Keys website offers a course called "The Golden Path" which will lead you through all three sequences. Should you choose to take the Gene Keys "Golden Path" journey, I am available as a guide and advisor.  If you would like more information about The Gene Keys, or the Golden Path, you can contact me, or visit the Gene Keys website at  You can also get your free, hologenetic profile here.

I also highly recommend the Gene Keys book, which is well writen, and very affordable.  You can find the book here.

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