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*Sessions may be done in person, online live, or pre-recorded

*Sessions can be paid in cash in person, through Cash App; PayPal; Venmo; Zelle; Stripe or Wise

1.5 Hour  "Intro to Human Design" Training Video:
(Comprehensive video explaining the Human Design Chart and including the types; centers; gates; definition; profile; lines; and more!)


Pre-recorded 3+ hr Complete Soul Blueprint Reading:
(includes 1.5 hr "Intro to Human Design" Training Video + 1.5+ hrs recorded personal reading)


Extra Chart Reading (pre-recorded and sent to you)
(1+ hr - Add on your partner; children; parents; co-workers; etc...)


 LIVE - Complete Soul Blueprint Reading
(2+ hrs - Includes brief Human Design overview and 1.5+ hrs personal reading)


LIVE - Extra Chart: Relationship Compatability/Synastry Readings
(1 hr - **prerequisite  of complete soul blueprint reading)


LIVE Coaching, Transit Readings, and Follow Up Calls
(**prerequisite  of complete soul blueprint reading)


Gene Keys Live Chart Reading 
1 hr - A tour of your Shadows, Gifts, and Siddhis; and coaching on transforming your shadows)


Self-love + Shadow-work Mentorship opportunity  
(limited to 3 apprentices per month.

(Mentorship can be tailored to specific needs and financial situations. Contact Aeray HERE to apply. Please ask for an application) 

  $3,500/month or
$8,000 for 3 months 

Aeray believes in the new paradigm, in which we no longer live in a world based on greed, competition, and lack.  She is working on a project (for free) to create a gift economy and resource bank.  She believes that TRUST is the most important currency there is, and that it is the currency in which we are most poor. She works to build trust by not marketing herself; cold-calling/DM'ing; pushing, persuading, or asking for resources.  She allows resources to come naturally, by those who show up for mentoring or chart readings as they feel called, not by seeking them out.


She also has a strong belief that "True Abundance concicousness", is that when we show up in service to those in need, with an open willing heart, that the Universe will take care of us.  That there is more than enough for everyone when we share and take care of each other and the planet.




In order to support her vision, and be the change she wishes to see in the world, Aeray has gifted quite a bit of her work to those in need, free of charge. 

If you have been helped by Aeray at any point, want to support her work, and feel called to share your gratitude in the form of a gift, please feel free to donate, or to reach out to Aeray with your gift of Gratitude here.

These gifts will go to "pay it forward", so she can continue working with those who are in deficit and need her services.

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