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What people have to say about working with Aeray


- Kyle Spaulding

Graphic Designer

"By the time we were done with our reading I started wondering whether or not Aeray had watched a video of my life. She was so spot on I was in disbelief. The insights she provided into my strengths and compromises, as well as those of my wife’s, definitely contributed to our ability to work through a lot of relationship challenges."

- Larkin Tye

Yoga Teacher

"I've had the pleasure of having Aeray's special presence in my life for 15 years.  Immediately I felt as if I'd won the lottery. Her gifts have been apparent to me from day one, and her wisdom has been a blessing over the years. Her deep beautiful blue eyes radiate empathic compassion and she holds sacred space for you in such a special way.  As we navigate our way through life's ups and downs, the gift of guidance from someone you trust is so important.  The emotional support and guidance she has provided for me over the years has been priceless!  Aeray is someone you can trust, with her gentle and powerful presence. Her gifts and insights are magical and invaluable."

- Reenie Vincent

Psychic; Crystal Wisdom

When I decided to schedule a reading with Aeray, I had already downloaded my human design profile and had tried to decipher all its meaning on my own.  Because it is so deep and multi-layered, I never managed to connect all the many influences of my chart. I would understand one part, only to forget it when I delved into another...and it just felt so cerebral. What I loved, and felt was so valuable about my reading with Aeray, was that she combined her fluency in human design with her own powerful intuition to weave me a practical yet deeply spiritual story of my soul's nature and purpose here, and the light and shadow aspects I may encounter along my path. I will be scheduling another reading with Aeray soon as this work goes so deep. 

- Dr. Maria Scarano


I recently worked with Aeray and received a human design reading and later a life coaching session. The human design reading was very thorough, and I felt that Aeray was really able to tune into who I am as a person and gave me some amazing guidance and advice. I could really tell that she has put the time into learning her craft. That reading was a month ago and I still feel like I am downloading and integrating what we talked about. We recorded the session for me to be able to listen to and I get more out of it every time I do. Doing a life coaching session with her was a really powerful way to follow up with the human design reading. She tuned into where I am at in life and helped me create a solid plan moving forward. As a Chiropractor, I truly understand the need for support in many ways for a happy and healthy person. I would not hesitate to refer friends and patients to her for guidance with our mental, emotional and spiritual selves. I look forward to continuing to work with her! Thank you Aeray!


- Kristen Fix

Food Farming; World Traveler; Tea connoisseur

Working with Aeray came in really auspicious timing and was super helpful.  There were things that had recently come up for me in my life along with some deeper realizations about myself that she spoke to while looking at my chart.  Her insight helped me to understand some of these things about myself and bring further clarity. Along with the present time, we explored past and future as well , bringing a lot onto the table that was really useful for me to work with.  A beautiful web was woven giving me a wider view into my life. She also offered really good advice pertaining to what we had explored together.  Her love for this work is really apparent and made the session that much deeper and more enjoyable.

- Pamela Dussault

Caterer; Certified Sound Healing Practioner

When Aeray is giving a reading she is drawing on her own deep cultivation and passion of the systems she uses as well as her natural intuitive abilities...  Her life experiences give her a compassion and understanding that informs the personal offering in a warm and intimate way.  I felt a deep trust and authenticity in what she was sharing with me and it gave me inspiration and new energy to move forward in my life.  

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